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If you are a policyholder with any form of conviction, Comparison websites can be a real disadvantage. They don’t consider unique and personal circumstances but make assumptions. If they can offer a quotation, it may be subject to extra terms; for example, like having a telematics box installed or not being able to drive at night.

Policywave don’t apply restrictions like this and we can’t put our premiums online or via a website as every quotation is tailored to your own unique set of circumstances. To obtain the best quotations our staff take the detailed specific circumstances that led up to the offence and then supply that information to the underwriters. This allows Policywave to obtain a totally unique quotation, personal to you. From our discussions, we can also direct underwriters to provide a policy tailor made to your wishes. Some of our clients for example are happier with a higher excess and will therefore will see a reduced premium as a result.

Policywave can quote all forms of motoring convictions and most criminal convictions using our own unique and niche insurer relationships. If you have an unspent conviction (as defined under the rehabilitation of offenders act (including act amendments March 2014), more than 6 points on your licence or have received a driving ban in the last 5 years, you need to speak to Policywave before taking any insurance cover out. We have first-hand experience of motoring convictions and the insurer to contact to get the best quote.

Some of the well know motoring convictions we cover (but certainly are not limited to) are listed below at the bottom of the page.

Understandably you’ll be concerned when your renewal is due or if you’re looking to return to driving following your ban but Policywave have a specialist insurer, who will look to assist in putting you back on the road. First things first;

  • Our insurers will only deal with Policywave and not a client directly.
  • The insurers we contact will not appear on any comparison website.
  • No other broker or website in the UK will offer the same premium as us.

The only way to get the best quote is to call us or you simply won’t get our quote!

Many drivers who have convictions or receive a Convicted Driver quotation find that their premium whoever they decide to take the policy out with is high and not necessarily as affordable as it once was. Thus, if you decide to shop around, make Policywave your last call and we’ll do our best to beat the quotation you’ve been given.

After all of this, if Policywave come up with the best premium and you still think you’re going to struggle paying the premium in full, Policywave have the solution with low deposits and affordable monthly payments. Policywave have some of the cheapest affordable payments when it comes to paying your premium annually.

We will compete with all major brokers and insurers in the UK, but we have a rate not found anywhere else in the UK so why not give us a try!


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Some of the offence codes we cover; (We also cover all other derivatives to these offences too, for example DR20).

  • SP30   Exceeding statutory speed limit on a public road
  • SP50   Exceeding speed limit on a motorway
  • TS10   Failing to comply with traffic light signals
  • IN10    Using a vehicle uninsured against third party risks
  • CU80   Using a mobile phone while driving a motor vehicle
  • DR10   Driving or attempting to drive with alcohol level above limit
  • LC20   Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence
  • CD10   Driving without due care or attention
  • TT99   Totting Up Offence
  • XX99   Totting Up Offence

Give us a call today or request a call back, either way we look forward to hearing from you.

We always welcome feedback and if we’ve done something good tell others about it and leave us some feedback. As an independent broker, it keeps us in business…

We pride ourselves on the services we provide to our clients and we hope that you do not have cause to complain.  In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied about something we have or haven’t done, we have a set procedure to follow.  Please contact our office for details or email our Complaints Department here.

If you remain dissatisfied, you are able to take unresolved complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

You can contact FOS using the various methods and we have provided a brief guide to their service here and a link to their website here.

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I am very happy to go ahead, and can I take this opportunity to say the service you provided with my accident was excellent I have recommended you to a couple of other instructors.


Thank you for the service you have provided, I would highly recommend you and your company to anyone. I will go further and say your company made my accident far less inconvenient to me with as little hassle as possible. The prompt and hassle free service was well worth the competitive premiums paid.


I don’t think any of the leading Insurance companies could have provided a better service. The loss in revenue could have been substantially greater if the service wasn’t as prompt as it was.


Thanks again.


Dean W – Leicester

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I am most grateful for the time you took to find a quote. I was also impressed by your honesty….Thank you once more for your professionalism. It was encouraging to talk to a human being who could use some judgement.


R Andrews – Yorkshire