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Policywave  was established by a director with over 20 years’ experience within the niche insurance arena. The main aim of our business is to deliver insurance solutions to our clients, some of which cannot be found elsewhere in the UK. At the same time we aim to provide exceptional customer service and clarity on all our products, which customers cannot experience elsewhere.

Policywave don’t boast about the policies we sell, who to, or how big we are. We are passionate about the job we do and the responsibility we have, making sure every client and company is treated as an individual, all are as important as each other. Times have changed with the evolution of the internet and aggregator sites and as an independent broker, Policywave understand we need to be different and stand out.

In addition to offering independent and transparent advice, Policywave offer exceptional customer service. We give all our callers the ability to leave a message on our phone system at any time of day. This can be out of hours or simply if you don’t want to hold for an operator. We’ll then call you back, saving you time and money. Likewise, email us and you’ll normally receive a response within 4 hours. All of this is in addition to our Accident Claims Management Service which is a 24/7 365 Day service.

Policywave search a vast number of insurers and access a wide range of Personal and Commercial insurance schemes for all your insurance needs. Despite having these relationships, we are still small enough to offer that personal touch to our clients. You’re not  a number, as in some bigger organisations. Some of our policies are unique, with insurers that have specifically negotiated with Policywave, so you won’t be able to buy these policies from any other brokers in the UK. The reason? Trust.

In addition to our Standard Motor Insurance, Policywave has a special interest in those harder to place policies, specifically Driving Instructor Insurance, Convicted Driver Insurance, Modified Car Insurance, Import Car Insurance, High Performance Car Insurance, Classic Car Insurance, and Motorhome Insurance.

Of course that said, Policywave will aim to offer you a premium on any policy you have currently insured elsewhere including your House (Including buy to Let or buildings with non-standard construction) and Business Insurance, meaning you have the opportunity to keep all your policies in one place. Please see our home page for our list of insurance products or alternatively email us if you don’t find the insurance product you are after and we’ll get a price for you.

Exceptional Customer Service

We aim to cover all your needs with our specialist knowledge. Make us your last telephone call and we’ll do our best to compete with your premium so in addition to the unique benefits, you’ll get a great price to match!

Two more points. If we do a great job and your impressed, please leave us Feedback here. As an independent broker, it keeps us in business. If you have a complaint likewise give us the opportunity to address it, by emailing our Complaints Department here. If we can we’ll aim to respond with a personalised message within 4 hours.

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